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The Truth About Losing Weight

Posted in Uncategorized by mixfitness on June 18, 2009
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I went to a photographer this morning who, upon hearing I was a personal trainer, asked me how to lose “this.”  When she said “this,”  she patted her belly.  If I had a dime for every time I’ve gotten that question, I’d be rich!  My answer was simple:  diet and exercise.  She then said, “I don’t want to hear that.”  Why not?  Because it’s the truth, because it takes hard work and dedication.  There is no magical pill – despite the claims – that will cause permanent weight loss.

What does taking a diet pill teach you?  Nothing – it’s a quick fix.  Not to mention the potential side effects.  I know, we live in a society of instant gratification.  But, you learn nothing about how to eat healthier, how to cut calories, how to make smart choices when you’re at the grocery store, etc.  Take a close look at the fine print on those boxes and bottles.  They all say to incorporate diet and exercise in your daily routine.  So does the microscopic text at the bottom of the screen during commercials.  If you’re taking a pill and finding success, consider that the pill might be working because you’re exercising more and/or eating less.

That’s what it really boils down to: moving more and eating less.  Math fans get ready!  The weight loss equation is this: calories in < calories out.  In other words, you must burn more calories than you consume in order to lose weight.  So, take your dog for an extra 10 minutes on your next walk.  Or, go on a bike ride with your kids.  Stop by the gym before you get home.  Simply, just move!  Your body will respond.

Here are some suggestions for what you can do with the money you’ll save instead of buying diet pills:

  • join a gym
  • hire a personal trainer
  • take a golf or tennis lesson
  • buy a workout DVD

Additionally, exercise can remove other pills from your life.  Among many benefits, it naturally lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.  Bye, bye Crestor!  So, don’t fall for the hype.  Weight loss takes work.  What are you waiting for?  Get up and move!

Questions or Comments?  Let me know.


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