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Weight Loss: on Track

Posted in Uncategorized by mixfitness on July 13, 2009
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Losing weight takes perseverance especially when faced with summertime barbeques, vacations, ice cream trucks and the like.  The temptations abound, it seems, during warm months.  So, what do you do if you’re trying to lose weight?  The good news is that you can eat what you want….as long as you make room for it.

So many people get off track by throwing in the towel (no pool pun intended!)  If you think that one day of bad eating means your whole week is a waste, you need to change your mentality now.  You will probably over do it while at your neighbors BBQ, but the very next day you have a clean slate to start with.  The longer you stay out of the saddle, the harder it is to get back on.  Don’t lead yourself down the weight-gain path by continuing the cycle.  All diets need wiggle room in order to be successful.

Planning is a key component of achieving your weight loss goals.  Making room for the little slips is important.  That way, when they happen, you haven’t failed.  You’ve simply stayed on course.  Start by knowing when you will be seduced by food.  Then, in the days leading to the event, eat less and/or exercise more.  If you struggle to get to the gym, schedule yourself an appointment by actually writing your workout time down in your planner.  When that hour block is filled, it’s hard to plan something else at the same time.  It’s a mind trick that actually works!  You’ll think:  Hey look – I have something planned at 5pm today.  Try it:)

Another trick is to have a mantra.  I love dessert.  It’s my absolute weakness, but many times I remind myself of my mantra.  I ask myself two questions when deciding if I’m allowed to have it:  1) did I workout today? and 2) am I happy with the way I look in the mirror?  If my answer is no, I can sometimes convince myself to skip dessert.  Notice I said “sometimes.”  It’s not 100% foolproof, but it is powerful enough to stop me most of the time.  Find a mantra that works for you and see how it can lower your caloric intake.

Never deprive yourself of any food you love.  It will only lead to overeating when it is sitting in front of you or calling your name from the grocery shelves.  Enjoy in moderation.  Best of luck to you for the remainder of the summer!


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  1. somedayistoday said,

    I like your mantra. I’ve actually asked similar questions and most of the time it’s worked and was able to divert my attention elsewhere. As far as depriving myself I know for me, I’ve found that if I have a craving for something “bad” I end up overeating on healthy food. That’s not good either. I should have just had a bite or small portion to satisfy it. Sometimes, I would go days trying to satisfy a craving with healthy foods that were just not working!

  2. Brittanie said,

    Ha Ha, at first I thought your mantra was “I love dessert!” Honestly, that would help me push myself during a workout!! I’m glad to be connected to your blog!

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