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Interesting Facts About Fat

Posted in Uncategorized by mixfitness on August 17, 2009
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Hi blog fans!  I went to a fitness conference a couple weeks ago and got some amazing statistics about fat cells.  So, I will share these with you.  Before we get started, though, I would like to encourage you to sign up for my e-newsletter.  It’s totally free and is released monthly.  Go to http://www.mixfitness.net to join.  This will be my primary method, from here forward, in sharing fitness tips.  Announcements done….let’s go!

  • Genetic factors account for only 25% of body fatness.  That means, 75% of the reason you can become overweight is because you are not active enough and eat more calories than you burn!
  • Men gain an average of 1.25lb of fat mass per year from the ages 18-44.  Then, it slows between age 45-66.
  • Women gain an average of 0.97lb of fat mass per year between age 18-44.  Then, it speeds up to 1.14lb per year from age 45-66!
  • On average, a person has 40 billion fat cells.
  • Fat cells can swell to 3-6X in size.
  • When a fat cell can no longer increase in size, it splits – creating more fat cells and inflammation in the body.

If reading those stats don’t encourage you to go for a walk or run, then maybe reading about those who have successfully lost weight will.  Check out the National Weight Control Registry at http://www.nwcr.ws.

  • 89% of those successful at keeping the weight off report they achieved success through exercise and diet.
  • 94% indicate they increased their physical activity levels – citing walking as the primary form of activity.
  • 62% indicate watching less than 10 hours of TV per week.  How much do you watch?

I leave you with the take home message, which has been repeated in almost every post I’ve written.  Eat less and move more on a daily basis!  That’s it.  It’s simple.  No excuses!


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