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Healthy Body Fat Percentages

Posted in Uncategorized by mixfitness on January 20, 2010
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I just read an article that was promoting a workout routine in which a client had “literally lost 100% of their body fat.”  This is not only extremely unlikely, but completely irresponsible of the author!  Please, I beg you, if you see these programs being advertised, run.  We’ve all heard the message that fat is bad.  So, now we’re pursuing ways to lower our body fat percentages.  And, with the obesity rates in America, we should be concerned about losing fat.  But, to the point where you have none is ill-advised.  Having some fat is good.

Lots of research is being done about the benefits of having fat.  What we know is that fat cushions the organs, helps regulate body temperature, contributes to metabolism, and provides an energy source for the body.  Fat also is the home for the hormone adiponectin.  Adiponectin is a beneficial hormone which reduces cell inflammation and improves HDL, the good cholesterol.  It’s when there is too much fat that it causes problems.

So, what is a healthy body fat percentage?  Well, it differs between men and women.  The American Council on Exercise (ACE) provides this table.  Women should be in the range of 21-31%.  Men, 14-24%.  Notice the classification of “essential fat.”  Yes, some is essential.  Even athletes are encouraged to have body fat.

Please look to reputable sources like ACE and the American College of Sports Medicine for recommendations about fitness.  For more information about fat and losing weight, read these posts.

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