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Hi!  I’m Sara Lewis, Owner of Mix Fitness, a mobile personal training business serving western Loudoun County, VA.  I have a decade of experience in the fitness industry and a degree in Exercise and Health Promotion from Virginia Tech.  I’m a freelance writer and fitness educator. My fitness certifications are from the American Council on Exercise, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, and American College of Sports Medicine.

I created this blog in the hopes of sharing credible information about fitness, exercise, and working out.  As both a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I get lots of questions about how to lose weight, how to tone up, how to correctly perform exercises, etc.  Find those answers and more here!

Sara LewisWant to learn more about me and my company?  Visit my webpage www.saralewis.net or my company’s at www.mixfitness.net.


3 Responses to 'About'

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  1. Jeff Poland said,

    Your blog articles are casual but to the point, easy to read but a definite lesson communicated. Keep up the light-hearted approach to a serious topic of weight loss and good health!

  2. somedayistoday said,

    Nice blog, I agree with Jeff. I look forward to reading your entries! Thanks for all the great information. I’m in San Diego and have a personal trainer, which makes all the difference in the world!

    • mixfitness said,

      Thank you! On behalf of all the personal trainers out there, I’m so glad to hear you say this:)

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